Jetson Nano Suspend mode quickly wake up

I’m trying to debug suspend mode on Jetson Nano on our custom board. When I tried to entering suspend into memory

sudo systemctrl suspend

Now screen disappear as expected but get back to Ubuntu login page soon without doing anything.

I check the wake source

sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/wakeup_sources

I found gpio-key changes. So I check my device tree setting, there are 2 gpio-key settings

  1. power button
  2. recovery button

But these push button are left it unchanged, it shouldn’t be wakeup source after suspend.

Is there any way to debug this ?

I have no ideas on the actual problem, but what you’d want to do is log from a serial console. In the serial console run “dmesg --follow” prior to suspend, make sure logging is enabled on the console, and then run your suspend command. Whatever shows up in the logs without touching anything would probably be relevant.

Thanks for your answer. I found I didn’t remove sdhci device node on my device tree and mmc2 (which didn’t do any design on our custom board) keep on always trigger wake up signal from suspend mode. Remove sdhci device node fix that problem.