Jetson Nano throttling after wake-up

We use Jetson Nano development boards with Linux OS. To save power, we send the Jetson to Deep Sleep mode using the J40 1,2 pins, and then waking it up again using the same method.

After wake-up, the throttling red icon turns on immediately (next to the “MAXN” text at the top-right corner of the desktop). Sometimes also one or more of the notifications (“System throttled due to Over-current”, “System throttled due to CPU-therm”, “Caution - Hot surface. Do not touch.”) are displayed.

We suspected over-current, so we disconnected any HW that was connected through the USB ports. Still reproduces.

Does this issue only happen to one jetson nano module or every of module you have?

We don’t receive such issue on jetson nano. (we do have such issue on NX, but NX and Nano are two different SoC, not the same issue).

We started investigating the throttling issue after it happened sporadically on another module we have - there we are still investigating, and perhaps there’s an under-voltage issue.

The after-wake-up scenario happens on other modules only when we use the SD-card from the original module, so we assume this is related to some OS / firmware configuration that is different on other modules.

Can you point us what OS configurations to compare to pin-point the possible cause?

We use Nanos P/N 945-13450-0000-100.