Jetson Nano Ubuntu 19.04

Hello, is it possible to update ubuntu to 19.04 on the jetson nano?
I’m wondering if there is any incompatibility with the new release of Ubuntu ?

thank u

Doing a release upgrade will prevent system boot and you’ll end up flashing again. Release upgrades have no understanding of the Nano’s boot environment. Someone might be able to port 19.04, but it won’t be a simple release upgrade.

Just use the official update app in Ubuntu. I’m on 19.04… well cuda not working, but u probably can make it work…never test anything else…

If boot is modified, then I’d expect boot to fail. In the case of CUDA, if the Xorg ABI changes, then the NVIDIA direct hardware access driver cannot load and all GPU/CUDA will fail. Assuming boot succeeds, then you would have to find a way to downgrade the actual Xorg server and blacklist it from being upgraded to a new ABI.