Jetson Nano unable to login using Unity and user no longer has root privileges

Hi, I recently powered off my Jetson Nano to move to a different location to work. After setting up the Jetson Nano at my new location and trying to power on, the Jetson Nano’s green power button didn’t light after plugging in the AC power adapter to the outlet. I believed the Jetson Nano crashed so I replugged it and it booted. I noticed the boot messages looked different than usual but proceeded. When the jetson booted to the login screen it was different from the default login screen and I could no longer login using Unity. Whenever I tried typing in my user password, it would load to the Nvidia loading screen and then back to the login page. My user login only worked when I switched from Unity to LXDE.

Now in LXDE, I no longer have admin or root privileges when trying to run python scripts I’ve written saying I don’t have library permissions and commands using ‘sudo’ in terminal. The error is as follows …

Can anyone help me fix my user permissions and also help fix me getting back to logging into Unity instead of LXDE?

[EDIT]: I would prefer a solution that doesn’t involve having to reflash/reimage my jetson nano since I have a ton of libraries already installed on my jetson if possible.

I am curious about what is exactly happening here. AFAIK, switching between those desktop shall not make you lose the permission of being a sudoer.

Could you take a screenshot of what does your desktop look like?

Are you sure you are logged in as the same user? I ask because most login managers present a default user or a previous user name and login default might have changed. Perhaps you need to explicitly check the user name you log in as. Related: Is what you see from “whoami” what you expect?

Btw, I doubt you were hacked (based on when it started failing), but there are cases where devices connected directly to the internet without a router guarding the unsolicited incoming traffic have been hacked (e.g., using default passwords instead of good security).

Yes, I selected the user account “wirebot” when logging in, which I created when setting up the jetson nano. Running “whoami” in the terminal also displays “wirebot”.

Well I can’t even access Unity when logging into my user now which was the jetson nano default and what I was using before this issue occurred. I also had sudoer permission before too. Below is a screenshot showing the LXDE desktop after logging in and a link to a video showing what happens when I try to login in Unity.

Link to video: IMG_4145

Do you have another account which was originally created in the admin role? Or was user “wirebot” the original admin account?

The initial admin user account creation would be in the sudoers list, but a new account would not be unless you took steps to do so.

If you are in a GUI screen (even if login fails), then you should be able to use CTRL-ALT-F2 to get to a purely text mode terminal. If wirebot is not in the sudoers file, then that text mode login (when logged in as the admin user) can be added for wirebot (by the admin). This would not be what stops logging in to the GUI, but it would prevent a number of sudo issues. Test if wirebot can log in to the purely text-mode terminal, and if so, test sudo there; then test there instead with your admin user.

Then to get back to the GUI the key binding should be “ALT-F0” (if servers have been modified it might be something like ALT-F7).

The user ‘wirebot’ is the original admin account. However it has now somehow not in the sudoers list. I’ve tried logging in on the text mode terminal with user ‘wirebot’ but am unable to run sudo commands because of the user not being a sudoer. Same error as before.

When you powered off before moving the Jetson, was this done with a proper software shutdown and just pulling the power? I ask because yanking the power will cause some filesystem damage. Normally a journal would be able to simply delete the corrupt changed files, but if enough were unwritten at the moment of power loss, then filesystem damage will become unpredictable and no longer just limited to files with outstanding changes. If this is the case, then you can clone to save some of your customization, but you’d need to flash again.

I really only want to reflash as a last resort. Is there no way to boot the nano in recovery mode and access root like in traditional linux systems?

There is no recovery mode per se. Recovery mode on a PC is a second boot configuration set up ahead of time. It is possible to set up a Jetson with a second boot configuration, but this would have to be created prior to running into this issue. The Jetson’s “recovery mode” via the button is not useful for this, it isn’t useful for anything except flashing.

Was the Jetson running and power simply cut? If so, and if there was enough unwritten data at the time of power cut, then I think you are going to need to flash due to the extent of filesystem damage related to login. However, you can clone the system and use this to save work for later reference prior to flash.

I don’t think so. I believe when I turned it off I used the shut down button in the UI and waited for it to turn off completely before unplugging the power. However, when I plugged it back into another outlet it didn’t turn on at (green light didn’t light) and I had to disconnect and replug the power. Maybe that caused it to crash and damage the filesystem. I went ahead and reflashed the jetson nano and it seems to be working fine now.

Sounds like it shouldn’t have corrupted. It may have been some unusual fluke related to power disconnect and reconnect, but since flash fixed it then it seems hardware is still good. Not much more to do unless it fails again.

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