Jetson Nano usb camera video index changed~~

Now i have a problem with usb camera:

My canera have two different format videos, they named as video0, video1;

When i used them, sometimes it will change to vide2, video3 and without video0, video1; It means /dev/video* only have video2 and video3 . Video indexs changed when usb camera down, but why the index are not 0 and 1?

hello jetsun2011,

may I know what else camera devices you’d connected to Nano platform?
for example,
if you got one CSI camera connected, it’ll always register video0 camera node to it, then video1 to your USB camera.
while you un-plug and plug the USB camera, the register device node will increasing, it’ll be video2.
for more details,
you should also check the kernel messages (i.e. $ dmesg --follow) while usb camera connected/disconnect,

Thanks~~There is no another camera, I will store dmsg to EMMC and check it~

FYI, there is never a guarantee that the video device number will be constant. It all depends on order of enumeration. I will say though that normally if you have a camera with two “standard” UVC drivers that it would fill slots 0 and 1, and not skip those. If the system thinks video0 and video1 are still present, then it would enumerate to video2 and video3. Is there a chance the device had a rapid unplug and replug? This isn’t just a physical cable unplug/replug, but perhaps a short power blink?

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