Jetson Nano USB device mode confusion


my first experiences with the Nano started in late December last year. That time I downloaded the only available preconfigured SD card image, which - if I remember correctly - was made with JetPack 4.4.

That time I started with a headless installation and had no problem to do the initial configuration using the micro USB serial connection. Later I plugged keyboard, mouse and monitor and all was fine.

Since I power supply the box from a barrel plug I had the micro USB port free and was quickly able to write me a REST API server and some host code, which communicated via the USB cable using IP 192.168.55.xx (I remember the Nano had the .1, my PC the .12 or so)…

Meanwhile I ran into some troubles which forced me to re-flash the SD. Now the downloadable image is containing JP 4.5 ( with which my DeepStream app had a problem (segmentation fault with one of the Python samples)

So I downloaded an earlier image ( from Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer

My app did work again, but I was surprised: The USB device mode did not work out of the box as it did before.

What do I have to do in order to enable it again?

Disregard. I must have used the wrong cable or port… Works

Glad to know issue resolved. Thanks for the update!

Hmm. No. It is what it is with literally all software running on this box: It runs generally, but then out of the sudden it stops working. And you are resetting, changing cables, rebooting everything - nothing works.

But maybe tomorrow, you didn’t change anything, it will work again, out of the sudden.

I’m so p…d with this device…