Jetson Nano USB0 Query

Hi, I’m designing a custom board for Jetson Nano production SOM. It has an eMMC integrated. For flashing the OS to the eMMC, I have jumper on Force recovery for connecting it to my ground connection, and I have connected my USB micro B connector directly to USB0 pins (109 and 111), so I have DP,DP,GND connection only. I am not using USB power, nor am I using the USB0_VBUS_DET* function on GPIO0, instead I am using that GPIO0 for my own purpose.

My question is: Will this current configuration work for me or am I missing anything? Also can I use the USB0 for other purposes as well? Such as debugging etc. Kindly enlighten me on this matter thanks.

quick question, had you check Jetson Nano Product Design Guide for your customize board?

Yes I have, but these are some queries that aren’t explained in detail.

Please follow design guide or reference schematic to make USB circuit, we can’t guarantee other option than that.

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