Jetson nano use docker in China

When I try to pull img from docker,there has an error :dial tcp: lookup on read udp> i/o timeout.
It’s looks like a GFW problem,How can I fix it?

You would have to amend the firewall rule, and likely it is not the Jetson doing this (the default is to not firewall that unless you’ve edited it). My guess is that it is the outside network environment filtering it, and you’d either have to edit that firewall or use something like a VPN to get around it (sorry, I’m not a VPN guy, so no specific advice on that).

One problem I see is that the 127.x.x.x address network is itself not a publicly routable subnet. This address will only be reachable on the same computer which is referring to (this is “localhost” loopback). Anything or does not try to reach the outside world. Anything talking locally to itself or another app should “just work” if the port and protocol have something running to work with it.

You’d probably have to provide more details to understand what is going on, but the answer is likely to remain the same as above.