Jetson Nano Wifi Adaptor Not Found Intel 8265NGW

We have flashed multiple Jetson Nano 4gb with the Ubuntu 20.04 image and are using Wifi Card: Intel Model 8265NGW. 20% of the time we have an error where the Jetson Nano does not recognize the wifi adaptor. No network settings show up at all and it doesn’t connect to any of its saved wifi networks (they don’t show up at all.) To test the issue we updated all of the software and then rebooted 10 times. 2/10 times the Jetson had this issue still. We’re not sure what’s going on here. This issue is happening on 11 devices 20-30% of the time on average.

Ubuntu 20.04 downloaded from here: GitHub - Qengineering/Jetson-Nano-Ubuntu-20-image: Jetson Nano with Ubuntu 20.04 image
Intel Model 8265NGW (WiFi Card)
Jetson Nano 4gb Dev Kit
Various sizes and brands of SD cards

If roll back to JetPack 4.6.3, can issue still be reproduced?

Thanks for such a quick response, we need Ubuntu 20.04 for our system and I believe Jetpack 4.6.3 is 18.04.

We won’t be able to support the things on Ubuntu 20.04.

Isn’t Ubuntu 18.04 going to be sunset in a few months? Do you still recommend going back to jetpack 4.6.3?

Or is there a newer version of jetpack that we can use that has a newer version of Ubuntu?

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