Jetson Nano & WiFi HaLow

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I am looking for WiFi HaLow module that supports Jetson Nano. I found most of them support Raspberry Pi, or full-size mini PCIe. So, how can I use it in Jetson Nano platform?

I found SX-NEWAH-EVK-US may supports Jetson Nano, but it comes with the Raspberry Pi 3B which I do not need it.

And I found SX-NEWAH-EVB-US, seems they have the same SPEC, did anyone worked on it before?

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I don’t have answer, may other developers help to share experiences.

Hello @hlau2

Silex Technology has a development platform for Jetson Nano here: LP: Application Note - SX-NEWAH Evaluation with NVIDIA Jetson (Building the Driver)

The SX-NEWAH-EVB-US is the same spec as the EVK but without the Raspberry Pi board. It is based on NRC7292 and will also work with the Newracom software on Github.

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