Jetson Nano Wifi module which has CE FCC

Hello Folks,
Currently we have designed AGV and in that we used Beagle bone black wireless.
I would like to replace processor with jetson nano to perform high processing tasks.

My question is i am looking for Wifi module which can interface with jetson nano module and this WiFi should have CE FCC certificate.

Can any one suggest me Wifi module

I will let other users to suggest.

Not sure if our supported components ac8265 have FCC certificate or not.

Hello wayne,
Thanks for your reply.

We are planning to use below mention wifi module

To use TIDC-WL1835MODCOM8B WiFi module it has SDIO interface.

I was try to find schematic of Jetson nano module, to see SDIO pins are clash with other part or not specially SD card slot on module.

Our requirement is use Sdcard and use SDIO interface for WiFI module.
Just want to make sure before going into carried board design.

I think it is not possible to use sdcard and sdio pins simultaneously.

Please check the nano design guide for below table.

can you share me references for ac8265 interface with jetson nano ?

ac8265 is going to m.2 interface but not sdio.

Yeah it seems promising, SDIO is not our main requirement.

WiFi module interface is the requirement which has CE Fcc certificate and i found they have this certification. Still i will check for the certification details.

can you share me ac8265 examples with jetson nano.

I am not sure what “ac8265 example” you want to see.

This is a device from intel and we don’t provide it with the module or devkit. What I am talking about is you can buy it.

ok thanks we will check