Jetson Nano Will not turn on after Driver Install

Hi Everyone,

I recently rebuilt the kernel by following manufacturer instructions from Vision Components. I thus had to put my Nano into recovery mode and rebuild kernels. The build was successful, however my Jetson Nano will not boot up anymore.

I have the green LED on, but my keyboard/mouse will not turn on and I see no images on screen.

Any ideas on what this could be?

Many third party instructions have no knowledge of boot requirements and suggest steps appropriate only for a desktop PC. You could have perhaps used an incorrect starting configuration, or else used incorrect steps to install the kernel. However, if you want to see what is going on with more detail, then you will have to provide a serial console boot log. See:

Knowing what kernel config you started with is very important, and knowing if you used the Nano’s kernel install docs instead of a third party would also be important to know.

I was able to fix my use by reloading Jetpack via the SDK manager! @linuxdev thanks for tip, this could come in handy!