Jetson NANO will stop booting with the NVDIA logo after enable SPI1

If you enable SPI1 on the 40pin / IO port and reboot, Jetson NANO will stop booting with the NVDIA logo. Normally, it will move to the boot screen, but it will not move. In this state, you can only start by recreating the image from the beginning.
Does anyone know what to do?

You’d better connect a debug console and check what’s wrong.

Thank you very much for your reply. This is my first time to use Jetson Nano, Could you tell me how to connect a debug console? Thank you for your help

It would be helpful for your job.
Check your Nano dev. kit version first.

Thank you for your reply! I use the Jetson Nano kit B01, and the Jetson pack 4.3. I have three Jetson and only one could reboot. The other Jetson Nano kit B01 cannot reboot after SPI1 setting. And I do not have any cable like video for Serial Debug Console now. So I would like to know if it can be solved by some programming code.
Thank you!


HDMI monitor shows just NVIDIA logos and simple kernel boot log.
To inspect what’s wrong, gather full boot logs.

How do you enable the SPI function.
I would suggest using jetson-io to enable it. And it’s better update to latest release J4.6 would be good.

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