Jetson Nano with 12v motors (power supply problem)

Hi, I’m making a robot arm with 12v stepper motors.
I want to use Jetson Nano in my project to add some AI functions to my robot.
I have a 12v 15A power supply right now, and I came up with some questions about powering the system.

First, is it okay to power the steppers with my 12v supply and jetson with a 5v 4A barrel jack, grounding them together?
Second, can I rather power the whole system with the 12V 15A power supply and add a level shifter to match the power requirement for Jetson?

Thanks in advance!

Hi ilovegod0510,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for Jetson Nano?
What’s your Jetpack version in use?

No, please use 5V 4A power supply for Jetson Nano or you would damage the board.

It will be ok if convert 12V to 5V.

Hi Kevin, sorry for my late reply.

My Jetpack version is 4.6.1-b110.

So you mean, I should plug the 5V 4A power cable to Jetson, and power the other 12V components with the power supplier while grounding them together?

You can either use 5V/4A or 12V+level shifter to 5V as power source.