Jetson Nano with AOC e970s toch screen

Are there any reference ubuntu touch screeen drivers supported for the jetson nano devlopement kit. Alo pls let me know the installation process

I don’t know about touchscreen drivers per se. There is some information you might need to be aware of though which would help.

So far as the screen (display, not touch) side itself goes, Jetsons rely on the “plug-n-play” type data. By that, I mean that some devices can report their own specs and what they are when queried. HDMI and DisplayPort (and digital DVI, but not analog DVI) have a wire called the DDC wire. That wire is actually an i2c protocol data wire, and when asked for specs, the data (known as EDID, currently in protocol 2) will be sent on that wire from the monitor to the GPU driver.

This is important because unlike a desktop PC where you can manually force the driver to different modes the Jetson only allows configuration through the EDID. If you lack the EDID, then you cannot achieve that setting. If there is no EDID, then display settings go to a default. There is one possibility if you don’t have EDID: You could hack the code at the right place in the kernel and pick a different fallback setting (but only if it is a setting the driver can function with).

If you have a touchscreen which is HDMI, and if that touchscreen has an allowed setting, it will work out of the box for display. If the monitor is LVDS, VGA, or some format which does not have the DDC wire, then it won’t work without getting lucky for a fallback mode. Even if the monitor has EDID, if it is some odd setting which the GPU does not support, then it still won’t work.

As for the “touch” (input) side, if the driver is in the Linux kernel (but not necessarily configured), then it is simple enough to add it. Should the touch side be USB, you might need to build the kernel module, but otherwise it would probably “just work” (USB is “plug-n-play”). Some use a serial UART, and then configuring the UART to work is a separate step. Some UART drivers are already present, and if the UART is over USB, that’s the least effort. If the UART is directly on the existing Jetson, then the UART will work, but there would have to be some intermediate software editing to point the driver to that UART. So you’d have to name what the connection wiring is before you could figure out how it would work.

Then again, someone else might have actual models of touchscreens they have that work. But the above will help narrow it down or in asking the right questions if you have a specific model in mind that has published specs.

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