Jetson Nano with IDS GigE camera


I am currently using a Jetson Nano developer kit and I want to use an IDS ueye GigE camera with it. I was able to install the IDS SDK and the camera worked fine on the ueye Demo but when I try to access the camera using OpenCV with the VideoCapture function the camera is not detected even though the cam ID is 1 in the Camera Manager and I use VideoCapture(1) in the code.

A similar approach works on my Windows machine.

Can someone tell me if I am missing something or if there is an alternate way to access the camera on python?

Thank you

By default we support UVC driver and can capture frames through v4l2 interface. Please refer to steps in Jetson Nano FAQ
Q: I have a USB camera. How can I launch it on Jetson Nano?

If you can capture frames through v4l2, may try this sample:
V4l2src using OpenCV Gstreamer is not working in Jetson Xavier NX - #3 by DaneLLL

Hi Danel,

Thank you for responding. The IDS camera that I use is not connected via USB but it uses the ethernet port via a PoE switch.
I can access the camera via the pyueye library on python but the image is distorted.

Thank you

It seems to be one kind of IP cameras. You may try gst-launch-1.0 command like:

gst-launch-1.0 uridecodebin uri=_URI_OF_THE_CAMERA_ ! nvoverlaysink

If it works you can then run like this python sample:
Doesn't work nvv4l2decoder for decoding RTSP in gstreamer + opencv - #3 by DaneLLL

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