Jetson Nano with Lora Data Transmission


We are working on Lora data transmission with jetson nano. Ra-02 Ai thinker SX1278 Lora module (433Mhz) is being used with SPI interface with pySX127X library to drive Lora. Our setup consists of two Lora modules, one with jetson nano and the other with Rpi. The issues we faced while running some of the sample codes in the repo are as follows,

  1. While executing the code ( on Rpi and on Jetson) given in the library GitHub repo, Jetson is able to send one byte and Rpi on the other hand, RPI is able to receive that one byte. But when trying for sending a message of size greater than a byte, the process halts, and transmission does not happen.
  2. While executing other code ( on Jetson nano and on Rpi) from the same repository the transmission didn’t happen. A request for data comes from LORA_SERVER (Rpi), jetson was able to receive that and the next expected behavior is Jetson should send data and Rpi should receive it, but it didn’t happen.

When the same code with the same environment was executed on RPi as sender and another RPi as receiver every code ran successfully with the expected results. But with jetson, it’s not working as intended.

Our thought is that the board configurations (we can alter the configurations using the program in the library, ) might be different for Jetson and RPI, but Lora transmission is happening for some programs (above case no 1). We are unable to figure out what is the exact problem here. Any suggestions would be really helpful.

  1. run the jetson-io to configure the SPI pins
  2. After reboot run below command to load spidev module.
    sudo modprobe spidev

Thanks @ShaneCCC for the response.
We did all those steps before executing the mentioned scripts. Even ran few tests to check whether SPI has been enabled, got positive response.

OK, well then you may need to trace into the python code to know the detail information to figure the solution.

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