Jetson Nano with Pi Cam V1 (OmniVision OV5647) does not work


We have purchased Nvidia Jetson Nano for building a vision-based PoC.

Our business usecase requires affordable yet high-res camera; we have purchased Pi Cam V1 (5MP). The camera has OmniVision OV5647 sensor, for which we could not find the drivers supported by Jetson Nano.

We understand that the Pi Cam V2 with Sony IMX219 Sensor is supported by Jetson Nano; however the price of the V2 cam is 3x of V1, which impacts the viability of our business case. We want to use Pi Cam V1 with Jetson Nano. Please consider supporting the same with appropriate driver.


Hi datakalp, RidgeRun has Nano driver for OV5647 sensor:

Please contact them if interested.