Jetson nano with SX-NEWAH WIFI Module

we have tried to connect jetson nano with SX-NEWAH for wifi-Halow. Before purchase module from Silex, we have asked if it will work with jetson nano, they have send us a EVK for 2gb nano with SX-NEWAH, so we decided to keep go into there and purchase more product from them. But when we actually testing follow the EVK, we realized that Silex have closed the GitLab, which is the access to download the drive from them(what we need to do in the instruction guide). And we can’t do anything to get that driver done.

Also, 2gb jetson nano don’t product anymore, with the 4gb jetson nano, we could not add the DTB file to the hardware list even we change the dts file. There will be “name error: no configuration found for SX-NEWAH-EVK” with “raise Nameerror"no configuration found for %s! % hw”". Even if we fix that, we will back to the driver lock problem.

I wonder that anyone else have done same process before? How do you guys fix that?

Same time, will the Jetson orin work with SX-NEWAH? Anyone done that before? I can’t find EVK for it.

As we know SIlex have partnership with Nvidia, but just too poor support with their product, with no one pick up the phone.

still help needed

Suggesto contact with vendor again as we don’t own their module, can’t do further investigation. Sorry for that.

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