Jetson Nano Xavier Design Guide V0.9 Documentation Error

Within the Jetson Xavier Nano Product Design Guide V0.9 Page 18
Pinout diagram:

PCIE1_CLKREQ and PCIE0_CLKREQ are the same pin
PCIE1_RST and PCIE0_RST are the same pin

Looking at the schematic for the Jetson Nano Carrier Board it seems as though the following pins are correct

PCIE0_CLKREQ: pin 180
PCIE0_RST: pin 181

PCIE1_CLKREQ: pin 182
PCIE1_RST: pin 183

Can I get a confirmation.


Also on that same diagram:

2 more notes:

PCIE0_TX3_N and PCIE0_TX3_P the numbers are flipped, looking at the Xavier Nano Datasheet as well as the Jetson Nano Reference Design Schematic

PCIE0_TX3_N should be pin 154
PCIE0_TX3_P should be pin 156

PCIE0_RX0_N and PCIE0_RX0_P numbers are incorrect:

PCIE0_RX0_N should be pin 131
PCIE0_RX0_P should be pin 133

Can I get a confirmation on this,


Page 12 Figure 4-1:

USB2_D_P and USB2_D_N: are flipped

USB2_D_P should be pin 123
USB2_D_N should be pin 121

Hi, thanks for your findings, we will check that and will update the docs if necessary, thanks.