Jetson nano

When I plugged my portable hard drive into the jetson nano,it did not mount.Could you help?

How is the drive formatted? Is this USB?

While the drive is connected, what do you see as the output from:
lsblk -f

Thank you for your answer last time.
I still have some questions.When I insert my hard drive, two boxes pop up on the screen, and they say you can’t mount a 14GB volume, you can’t mount mypossport which is the name of my hard drive.why is that?Could you help?
When I type in lsblk-f, the screen will display the following images.

Some types of hot plug memory will auto mount, others not. There is no error so far as I can see since there is probably no auto mount rule for SATA devices under the “/dev/sdX” naming convention.

Where do you want the partition to mount? Are we talking about “/dev/sda15”? As an example of manually mounting, see if you can:

sudo mount /dev/sda15 /mnt
ls /mnt
sudo umount /dev/sda15

(or you could “sudo umount /mnt”)

If that works, can you give more details about where you want this to mount, and if it is just for that exact drive, or if you want any sda15 found to mount? Mounting by UUID is specific, and we could skip naming “sda16” and instead name the UUID, which would make mount specific to that exact partition.