Jetson nano

Sorry, I would like to ask how my jetson nano is turned off and then turned on again. The light is on but I can’t enter the main screen. What is the reason?


I am moving this from the NVML forum to the Jetson Nano forum for visibility.

You want to provide a serial console boot log. This will work even when much of the system is failed, and will provide information in earlier boot stages as well. See:

Also, if you have a monitor attached, is it purely HDMI? VGA adapters are a problem since they lack the ability to query the monitor for its specs.

is it purely HDMI? yes ,is purely HDMI

linuxdev via NVIDIA Developer Forums <> 於 2021年6月17日 週四 上午2:31寫道:

The next step would be the full boot log via serial console.

Okay, thank you for your doubts

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