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I have Jetson nano B01 SOM module and we are using our own custom carrier board in which we are using wifi module on pcie 0 and ssd storage on pcie 1 as there are two pcie. The wifi module connected on pcie 0 works fine. The ssd as extra storage on pcie 1 doesn’t work. Then we connected ssd on pcie 0 well that works. It seems like ssd with pcie 1 doesn’t work.

I am attaching a screenshot of the schematic for reference what could we do to make ssd work with pcie 1.

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Ravi Gohel

Can this issue be reprodct on Nano devkit?
Which JetPack version you used?

JetPack 4.6 (rev 3) and We have not used it on devkit.


Sorry that I don’t really understand how did you get 2 PCIe port on jetson nano.
Jetson nano only has one PCIe controller in use. There is not possible to configure 2 devices simultaneously.

Please read the design guide document first.

Hi WayneWWW,

If you look at the document “P3449_B01_OrCAD_schematics.pdf” page number 6 in that there PCIE0 lines and PCIE1 lines can be seen. Also When I boot the device I am seeing a log like

[ 1.041191] tegra-pcie 1003000.pcie: 4x1, 1x1 configuration
[ 1.042439] tegra-pcie 1003000.pcie: PCIE: Enable power rails
[ 1.042819] tegra-pcie 1003000.pcie: probing port 0, using 4 lanes
[ 1.046576] tegra-pcie 1003000.pcie: probing port 1, using 1 lanes
[ 1.090211] tegra-pcie 1003000.pcie: PCI host bridge to bus 0000:00


The ravi13,

You better checking the design guide first… That 1x1 pcie line is for that pcie ethernet to use. And you should not use that one.

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