Jetson nano's 260 sodimm pinout

Hello, i have a question that been bothering my mind. I’m planning to buy a secondhand jetson nano and i found a jetson nano module without the carrier board for just 80 dollar (can anyone Suggest a better site?). Since the carrier board it self and the module and also the heatsink will make it much taller and thicker. I want a carrier board that is thin and small. I couldn’t find any online so i figure why can’t i jus built myself One? But i can’t find a doc or anything that any kind of info about the 260 sodimm pin on the module. I tried finding it in nvidia website and docs but couldn’t any (maybe i wasn’t trying my best). I’m asking this because i couldn’t find the answer myself. Can anyone help me with my little project? I think that’s it from me. Also, i’m new to this kind of thing so please correct me if i’m wrong and teach me. I would appreciate your help.


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Hi, for custom carrier board design please refer to the Jetson nano OEM design guide doc, for pinout of connectors please refer to the devkit carrier board specification or nano module datasheet. You can also refer to the P3449 devkit carrier board design files for more detail info. All these doc are in DLC.

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