Jetson nano's fan suddenly stops spinning and there is smoke coming out from it

I was using Jetson nano to control some motors and cameras on a project, but it stopped spinning in the middle of the test and there was smoke coming out from it. I let it cool down for an hour and restarted it again but the fan only spun in a few seconds and stopped completely. I dont see anything is melted on the board. How can i find the problem of my Jetson nano?

The issue is you can only see fan stopped? Is there any other problem? Can the devkit power up and enter system normally? Have you checked the power supply voltage and current? Have you checked the power on sequence as listed in Design Guide? Is there any log info output when fan stopped?

i have been using it for a year, so i can make sure that the voltage and current supply are safe and my Jetson cannot be powered up for now

Looks like something broken. You can try RMA for it.

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