Jetson : Network disconnected - you are now offline

My jetson xavier nx cannot connect to wifi even if i entered the correct password, it just repeattedly pop up authentication required by Wi-Fi network dialog, below is the output of ifconfig,how to solve this problem ? thanks !

Could you share more information?
The log from the dmesg and iwlist wlan0 scanning

nmcli connection show # will show the hostport you have sucessfully connected.
sudo nmcli device wifi connect SSID password PASSWORD  # you can also connect with command.

Yes, if there is any infomation needed, please tell me !
Because i am using another desktop to reply to you, so it is not convinent to copy and paste the long log of dmesg, so what parts do you concern, here i just grep wlan0 :

The second image show that after i typed nmcli device wifi connect erow5 password Eroll.cn1 which contains the right password, the system still pop out authentication required by Wi-Fi network dialog