Jetson newcomer, trying to work it all out

Except Nvidia Jetson devkit (a Jeton module + carrier board), other partner created product (Jetson module + custom carrier board) will requred partner’s support for custom SW to flash into their product, they should have the instruction to guide customer how to do that, for the development SDKs and applications are remaining the same on the host side.
To flash the SW into device, our suggestion is to have a host machince with native Ubuntu OS, however some developers did try with VM successfully, but we’re not able to help if any issue from there.
But if consideration quicker SW support for Ubuntu 22.04, then find a Jetson Orin Nano devkit might be another choice as we’re going to have the JetPack 6.x release in December.

You can refer to Setting Up VNC | NVIDIA Developer
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This would need other users to share experience for AAC encoding. But in general, building for arm64 so should work.

A host with native Ubuntu is suggested. We do not try with VM, may other developers to share experience.