Jetson not booting after installing xubuntu-desktop


I have tried to install xubuntu-desktop to have remote UI access to my jetson. The Jetson NX Orin has a Yahboom board, and when I do the installation in the pre-installed image, I have no issue installing xubuntu-desktop and gaining remote access.

However, when I install the board with the SDK manager and install the xubuntu-desktop, the Jetson won’t boot anymore.

Could someone guide me on why there is such a compatibility issue so I can see some work-around or fix to the problem?

We don’t have experience in using xubuntu-desktop. It would need other users to share experience. For setting up remote access, you may try this:

Jetson AGX Orin FAQ
Q: How to configure VNC w/o monitor connected for Jetson?

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