Jetson NVENC, request for lookahead settings

It wasn’t replied-to in my earlier thread (How does Jetson NVENC compare with Desktop NVENC?)

In the Video SDK I can use…


…to boost the quality.

There doesn’t seem to be an equivalent for Jetson.

We are checking it with our teams to see whether we can support it in future release.

Thanks ! That and 10 bit AV1 encode are top of my wish list.

We have checked and confirmed lookahead setting is not supported on Orin. There is certain hardware deviation between Jetson and discrete GPUs, so certain functions are not supported.

Thanks for checking.

And to confirm for the AV1 10-bit encode, that is supported in the hardware but not yet in the Jetpack software, would that be correct?

Yes. Hardware encoder is capable of encoding 10-bit YUV420 to AV1 stream. We are evaluating to add software stack.

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