Jetson NX and NCB00 and XCB-6cam board


I have a Jetson NX on an NCB00 carrier board, it has a single MIPI port and if I plug an IMX219 camera into this, I can access the camera fine.

I have an XCB-6cam board, this is a simple board that simply splits a CSI port into two MIPI ports (three of these splitters on the same board so with 3 CSI ports theoretically I should be able to connect 6 cameras). However, on connecting this and the cameras, I can’t access the cameras. I understand from this post that I may just have to increase the bus width in the device tree?..

If anyone has connected this carrier and this CSI splitter board and got it working, I’d appreciate any pointers?


Hi, thanks for replying and confirming that it will support three quad-lane camera streams, I presume this means I simply need to change the bus-width from 2 to 4?

I do have a post open about how to change the device tree, as this isn’t clear, here: General Question on Editing the Device Tree, then flashing the device

hello roblocke,

please refer to Jetson Xavier NX Product Design Guide, there’re up-to six dual-lane camera streams are supported.
you should also review the carrier board schematic, please check all these fourteen MIPI CSI lanes to the camera connector. please see-also Table 9-1 for the 2-lane camera configurations.

hello roblocke,

according to Topic 203289, you’re actually working with Jetson TX2 NX, right?
if yes, that’s at most five 2-lane camera sensors were supported.
please access Jetson TX2 NX Product Design Guide and check [Figure 8-3. CSI Connection Options] for the details.

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