Jetson NX boot failed

Hi, everyone,
My jetson NX boot failed. I had catched debug log. The log indicates the following error information.
0005.692] I> ########## Fixed storage boot ##########
[0005.693] E> SMD corrupt with incorrect crc
**[0006.414] **
[0006.414] -----------------------------------------------
[0006.415] Synchronous Exception: DATA ABORT (FAR: ab000000)
[0006.417] -----------------------------------------------
[0006.418] PAR_ELX: 0x80d
**[0006.419] **
[0006.419] ESR 0x96000006: ec 0x25, il 0x1, iss 0x6
[0006.420] -----------------------------------------------
[0006.422] [Stack Trace]
**[0006.422] **
[0006.423] => pc:0xA0644254, sp:0xA069C560
[0006.426] => pc:0xA0635E70, sp:0xA069C790
[0006.430] => pc:0xA0635ECC, sp:0xA069C7F0
[0006.434] => pc:0xA0635F10, sp:0xA069C820
[0006.438] => pc:0xA0641110, sp:0xA069C850
[0006.442] => pc:0xA0641318, sp:0xA069C870
[0006.446] => pc:0xA060F6B8, sp:0xA069C8E0
[0006.449] => pc:0xA060F858, sp:0xA069C970
[0006.453] => pc:0xA060F86C, sp:0xA069C9E0
[0006.457] => pc:0xA060F4EC, sp:0xA069CA20
[0006.461] => pc:0xA060EA60, sp:0xA069CA30
[0006.465] => pc:0xA060EA34, sp:0xA069CA40
[0006.469] -----------------------------------------------
[0006.474] iframe 0xa069c470:
[0006.477] x0 0x 35514db6 x1 0x a069581a x2 0x ffffffff x3 0x 35b5a8fa
[0006.486] x4 0x a96a7e6 x5 0x a0663ee4 x6 0x a0695ae0 x7 0x 220
[0006.495] x8 0x a06958c0 x9 0x a06958c0 x10 0x 218 x11 0x 8
[0006.504] x12 0x a0694000 x13 0x 0 x14 0x a0696938 x15 0x 200
[0006.513] x16 0x 0 x17 0x 0 x18 0x 0 x19 0x 0
[0006.522] x20 0x a0695800 x21 0x a065e71f x22 0x a0695800 x23 0x 4
[0006.531] x24 0x 4 x25 0x a069c948 x26 0x 0 x27 0x a069a990
[0006.540] x28 0x 0 x29 0x a069c790 lr 0x a0635ac8 sp 0x a069c560
[0006.549] elr 0x a0644254
[0006.553] spsr 0x 20000209
[0006.556] -----------------------------------------------
[0006.561] panic (caller 0xa0601238): die
[0006.565] HALT: spinning forever…

please help to check, what factors can lead to such issue?


Is it devkit or custom carrier board?
SD card version or eMMC version?
Has device been flashed with JetPack? Which version?

Hi kayccc,
Thank you for your prompt reply. It is custom carrier board. JetPack version is 4.5. flash conf file is 3509-0000+p3668-0001-qspi-emmc.conf. device use internal emmc to boot. I don’t know eMMC’version. how to get it?

No, you already provided the info. We were just asking whether this is sdcard module or emmc module.

Do you make this board by yourself or it is from other vendor?

The board is made by the hardware engineer of our company. Do you mean that this problem is related to the hardware of the board?

Have you flashed this board with sdkmanager?

No. I did not flashthe board through SDK manager. At present, the board is still in problem state.

I am not sure if you really know what yourself is talking about.

The logic here is

If the board is in “problem state”, then clarify if this is software or hardware → if you don’t know how to clarify, then flash it with sdkmanager… so that at least the software is correct… → if your board cannot even flash with sdkmanager, then it is hardware issue…

Your current situation sounds like you just plug in a module and you don’t know what was installed on that module. You hit error and you come here to ask question.

My expression is not accurate enough. Let me describe the problem phenomenon again. The board has been flashed by running the board could boot after flashing image.
But the board couldn’t boot yesterday.I wish you to analyze what causes the board could not boot.

In addition, the board that Cannot boot can boot after re-flash the image. it is not hardware that it is not issue. Up to now, four devices have the same problem.


Then you need to at least provide a method to reproduce issue. Also, try to reproduce issue on devkit and see if this is related to your custom board.
We are not some kind of fortunate-teller that can know what happened on your side by just reading a partial log.

From your partial log, I can only see some SMD partition got broken.

The funny thing here is I don’t even know which software release you are using. You better clarifying more detail about your issue in the beginning. But not let us ask you again. Please remember that we are not your friend or colleague. We don’t know this info.

OK, I will try to reproduce the issue. If issue reproduces, i will provide more informations.

Also, please try to use latest jetpack release (32.7.1 if you want to stay on jetpack4) to prevent this is already a known and fixed issue.

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