Jetson NX booting problem


I got a problem after I log in. It looked ok at the start, with all the ok command like this picture and also showing the Icon

, then it showed no signal after.

I have booted it successfully before. Because of some reasons, I did the sudo apt-get install lxde again to reinstall the desktop.

When I played with my NX today, I accidentally clicked on the icon, and it popped out some sections which I have no memory what the name is, but what I did remember is that it asked me to type my user name and passport and it had some count down on the left side of the typing area.
And then we just rebooted our NX without typing our passports, and it became what it is right now…

Any idea how can I fix it?

Not sure what happened as we never met that issue.
I can only suggest to reflash your Xavier NX again with the JetPack.

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