Jetson NX can't find qspi_mtd


We’re working with an NX dev kit on a Antmicro Jetson Nano baseboard. We are using the Allied Vision kernel for their CSI machine vision cameras based on l4t-32.5.1

We have an interesting issue where the Jetson won’t initialize the QSPI, so we can’t interact with the SMD firmware, do A/B redudnancy, etc. In the dmesg:

[    5.569214] qspi_mtd spi6.0: unrecognized JEDEC id 000000

Since it’s the dev kit, I have independent SD cards with our kernel and rootfs, and the “stock” l4t-32.5.1 installation. The “stock” version does see the QSPI:

[    1.627226] qspi_mtd spi6.0: s25fs256s SSG 8 0 1000 2000000
[    1.627235] qspi_mtd spi6.0: s25fs256s (32768 Kbytes)
[    1.627245] qspi_mtd spi6.0: mtd .name = spi6.0, .size = 0x2000000 (32MiB) .erasesize = 0x00010000 (64KiB) .numeraseregions = 0
[    1.627462] 1 ofpart partitions found on MTD device spi6.0
[    1.627467] Creating 1 MTD partitions on "spi6.0":
[    1.627491] 0x000000000000-0x000002000000 : "Whole_flash0"

So I know the hardware is working.

I’ve tried various N-way diffs between the dmesg logs, /proc/config.gz, DTB, and kernel source code looking for an obvious difference, and am stumped.

Any suggestions on approaches for debugging this issue?

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

Yes! any pointers or help would be greatly appreciated

Please consult with the vendor what kind of customization they have changed in their BSP.

Thank you, I will start there.

Just a brief followup. I found the kernel was unable to find the MTD when the following was in the DTB:

	gpio@2200000 {
		vsync-cam2-2 {
		 	gpios = <TEGRA194_AON_GPIO(CC, 3) 0>;
		 	label = "vsync-cam2-2";
		 	status = "okay";

I haven’t found any documentation which indicates conflicts between that particular GPIO06 / GPIO3_PCC.03 and the QSPI but it’s plausible.

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