Jetson NX cboot modifications


one general question. Is there possibility in cboot to support OTA update features like - keep active/inactive partition, recover image, flash over USB/network …

I have experience with u-boot extending to support such features. Does something similar exists/needs to be coded for cboot (IIRC u-boot cannot run on NX module). Or some other ideas? Thanks.



  1. The cboot source is public. You could download it on dlc.

  2. Active/inactive and recover image is similar to the A/B redundancy feature. Maybe you could refer to the document too.

  3. We provide OTA update method. Please refer to L4T development guide first.


ok thanks.

  1. does cboot provide some commandline shell where I can test changes (sorry for stupid questions I’m new to Nvidia development ;))
  2. Yes I’m talking about A/B rootfs redundant feature which provide e.g. mender or swupdate OTA systems
  3. OTA update which I found is thisthis I plan to use my custom yocto system not Ubuntu so it’s not way to go for me.


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