Jetson NX connection timeout issue while using ROS framework

I want to execute a python program in Jetson NX through ssh. I am able to login to the terminal remotely from my laptop.

When I run this command sudo python3 nohup the program executes even if I close my laptop and keep it at a far distance.

Now I wanted to run a ROS2 package/node in the same manner. For instance, if my package is a USB camera, the ROS2 command is of this sort:

ros2 run package_name node_name

When I run this command through ssh and if I move my laptop far, I get connection timeout error.

Is there any way of writing nohup command for a ROS node?
Any ideas on how to fix it?


Hi @ravin, I frequently use the screen utility when I’m connected to a board over SSH. It keeps a persistent terminal session going even if SSH is disconnected.

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