Jetson NX device is very unstable and unusable

When doing inference on the live stream using BGR_NV21 image the device itself hanged. No activity on top. And can not ssh.

OS: Ubuntu 18.04 from the NVIDIA.

Looks like it is very close to being out of memory, although the OOM killer should probably kick in if that were the failure. You might want to use a serial console (which works even when most of the system is dead, and logs to a separate computer so you won’t lose the last content), and run “tegrastats”. When the system fails, show the last output from “tegrastats” over the serial console. You could also repeat this once with the serial console running “dmesg --follow” and noting its last output.

If you are using the dev kit, then you just need to use the micro-B USB cable with a serial console program on the host PC.

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OK, thanks. I am using the developers kit and I did try serial connection through screen command last time. Will put the result here soon.