Jetson nx module white smoke

It was a bad day/ At first I smelled it then I saw white smoke coming from the smd component L101(induct?). Why it can be? What parameter have L101 part?

Hi, which board do you mean, Xavier NX carrier or module? There is no L101 on carrier, and it is a unmounted component on module. Please check out which component it is.

It looks like something damaged by big current caused by heavy load, ESD or shorting b/w power and GND.

It is on module, near C14 and DDR chip. This photo The World’s Smallest AI Supercomputer
Jetson NX and carrier board was in sleep mode, Iphone 11 was charged at USB of carrier board.

That is an inductor with below features for power supply.


Can you tell me its inductance in mH?

It is 1uH. In addition, please share a photo of your module so that we can check if it is real L101 on your board.

This is photo photo5343606033043539740 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

Yes, it is.

Did any know part number of this smd?

One of them could be MLV-FY12N1R0N-401-RT.

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