Jetson NX not booting up

I am working with Jetson SDK kit and installed JetPack 4.5 using SDK manager. The device was working fine and suddenly shows this error. This has happened twice now. I tried changing the memory card also. With the new memory card the same issue happened again.

The log says it fails to mount the file system from your sdcard because it has corrupted content.

Are you using a NVIDIA developer kit as carrier board?

Yes. I am using Jetson Xavier NX developer kit.

Is there any step to hit this problem?

How long will it work good until the next corruption after you reflash the whole board with sdkmanager?

If you just keep running reboot, will it hit this issue?

Thats the problem, I am unable to reproduce this error deterministically. When it happened last time, I thought this may be a memory overflow issue. I flashed a new card, installed required drivers for BaslerWeb camera and ran my application. It was working fine till one day I see this issue again.

Yes, i tried on rebooting again and again, and it gets stuck at same position.

My question was not " will this get recovered if you keep rebooting". If the file system is already corrupted, probably not able to get back.

I was trying to ask if you start fresh on this board again with sdkmanager installed, will keep rebooting hit this issue? Or must run your application to hit this issue?

I will try this: to reboot continuously and see if the same problem occurs. The other thing I did was merging the device tree overlay manually as I was not able to detect Basler camera and Adafruit display at the same time. Could this be the reason for screw up?

I don’t see any direct connection between your device tree change with this issue. Device tree change always takes effect immediately, so if it has something to do with this issue, you shall directly see the issue right after you modify the DT.
It won’t take maybe 10 boot iterations later to hit this issue and blame it is due to the DT change.

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