Jetson NX Orin VI and NVCSI port index

I have a custom carrier for Jetson NX Orin, Currently it has camera already working, but in order to get working this camera the device tree was configured using this port index values for VI, NVCSI and camera:

VI    port-index 0
NVCSI port-index 2
Cam   port-index 0
lane-polarity:   0

Checking the camera device tree that are in the kernel for other cameras using the developer kit. I see the configuration for camera 1 and 2 are:

Camera            1  2
VI    port-index  0  2
NVCSI port-index  1  2
Cam   port-index  0  2
lane-polarity     6  0

Why the configuration for camera 1 requires VI port-index: 0 and NVCSI port-index: 1? I think If understand this I can figure out why the custom carrier board I am using requires VI port-index: 0 and NVCSI port-index: 2 to get working the camera correctly.

I need to add a second camera, so I need to know what should be the port index configuration for this second camera.


Please check this.

Thanks @ShaneCCC,

Do you know, why for Orin NX we need to use the input stream 0, and the CSI 1, this is a difference in the hardware? Is in the hardware of the carrier board or in the System on Chip?


Due to Orin NX module design problem the cam0 set the CSI to CSI-B and set the lane_polarity to 6.

Maybe the design guide have the information.



The Jetson Orin NX Series Product Design Guide indicates in figure 10.1 and figure 10.2 the CSI_0_D1 and CSI_1_D0 have P/N swapped on the module. (lane-polarity configuration)

But I have not seen any information about why to use NVCSI port-index: 1


J20 uses CSI1_CLK.
Please check the P3768_A04_Concept_schematics.