Jetson NX reboots if camera chip is paused for more then 1-2 minutes


We are implementing a hardware trigger mode for a camera on a jetson Xavier NX.

The basic process is:

  • We start the application;
  • Connect camera using Argus (enableCanInifiniteTimeout=1);
  • Use the i2c controller to put the camera into a still state (no frame from it until hardware trigger);
  • We trigger camera using GPIO, read image and process it.

The appliacation works for a while, the enableCanInifiniteTimeout=1 does a great job on an application level on waiting.
The problem is that if we do not trigger the camera for ~2-5 minutes, then the whole Jetson reboots. We think it is a driver or kernel level timeout rebooting the system if there is no response from the camera for a while, but it would be good to keep going.
Is there any way for disabling the low level timeout, making the device wait for a signal from the camera hardware indefinately?

Details of the setup is:

  • Device: Jetson Xavier NX,
  • OS: L4t build: 4.9.201
  • Camera chip: IMX477

hello vargalg,

that’s correct, it should be low level timeout to trigger watchdog.
could you please setup a terminal and gathering the logs for reference, for example, $ dmesg --follow

Hello JerryChang,

Thank you for the quick reply.

The curious thing is that dmesg does not say anything. This is the kernel log from a crash

Sep 20 14:55:01 NX-decoder kernel: [   61.365317] [RCE] WARNING: t194/isp5.c:901 [config_channel] "All error notifications not enabled: correctable=0x00 uncorrectable=0x00"
Sep 20 14:55:03 NX-decoder kernel: [   63.555571] [RCE] vi5_hwinit: firmware CL2018101701 protocol version 2.2
Sep 20 14:55:04 NX-decoder kernel: [   64.154611] imx477 9-001a: imx477_set_exposure: exposure limited by frame_length: 3092 [lines]
Sep 20 14:55:04 NX-decoder kernel: [   64.260771] imx477 9-001a: imx477_set_exposure: exposure limited by frame_length: 3092 [lines]
Sep 20 14:55:14 NX-decoder kernel: [   74.878134] soctherm: OC ALARM 0x00000000
Sep 20 14:55:16 NX-decoder kernel: [   75.968054] soctherm: OC ALARM 0x00000002
Sep 20 14:55:17 NX-decoder kernel: [   77.918535] soctherm: OC ALARM 0x00000002
Sep 20 14:55:21 NX-decoder kernel: [   81.774519] soctherm: OC ALARM 0x00000002
Sep 20 14:58:26 NX-decoder kernel: [    0.000000] Booting Linux on physical CPU 0x0

I’ve started the app at [61.365317] secs, device rebooted at ~[240.0] secs, and there is nothing there.

I’m attaching the full system log from that time.
syslog.txt (22.4 KB)
There are some NvCaptureStatusErrorDecode messages, but that is there eve is the camera is working fine. Apart from that I can’t see any message corresponding to the reboot.

Best regards,

hello vargalg,

here’s HW throttling (OC alarm) happened. it may be the thermal issue then hardware shutdown the chip.
do you have thermal solution? please also setup tegrastats utility to monitor the process usage.

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