Jetson NX SOM Wake up time too long

Hi, We use GPIO and ethernet system command to test the sleep and wake up feature about Jetson NX system。use the same SOM board and firmware to compare the wake up performance in our custom carrier board and the dev kit carrier board,if use the dev kit ,The time to wake up spend is less 8 second, use our carrier board the time to wake up spend is more than 20 second.

The question is make us confused, because the time cost of wake up is important to our use scenes

Looking forward to your help

hello fuqiang1,

you cannot repo this on developer kit, right?
please review your product design, thanks


We have review our design,but we can‘t found some question in our schematic,Is it possible for you to check the design for us?

hello fuqiang1,

please setup a serial console and share the booting logs for reference,

The wakeup dmesg log compare in custom carrier board and Jetson NX devkit

I-test01 is the log in custom carrier board
I-test01.log (111.8 KB)
k-test01 is the log in devkit carrier board
k-test01.log (15.9 KB)

Please Review

hello fuqiang1,

I saw you had lots of i2c transfer timed out failures.
please revise those failure, or, removing the definition in device tree.

We found the question also,but why the wake up flow is not same as use the dev kit , the log seems like reboot the board. we use the same som and firmware in dev kit , it seems like normal resume。

hello fuqiang1,

since i2c transfer timed out addr: 0x50. why don’t you check what’s the 0x50 is?

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