Jetson nx to headless mode

i am trying to run jetson xavier nx in headless mode using my laptop . i latched micro usb cable of nx to usb port of laptop and both are powered on . i am not getting any usb port in device manager of my windows (laptop).what to do to use headless mode

We would suggest try with a host PC in Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04. For connecting Xavier NX developer kit to Linux host, it shall enter device mode automatically.

my laptop pc is ubuntu 22.04 and my jetson image is ubuntu 20.04 . when i connnected micro usb port this is what i am getting

it is not showing connection even on my jetson pc it is not showing any connection .is it a possibility that my micro usb port is not working . could you please suggest any way to use jetson in headless mode

If you can flash the Xavier NX developer kit through the micro B port, it should be no issue. Please try Jetpack 4.6.4 or either 5.1.x and see if it works. May also try other micro B to type A cables.

i tried flashing using sdkmanager but it is showing no board detected .could you please suggest some other way to headlessly control jetson which does not involve micro usb port