Jetson nx uart communication garbled

Garbled characters appear when I communicate with uart. The whole process is to control the uart communication between jetson nx and PC through python. Only connect the TXD and GND of the board, the garbled characters have improved but still appear, if according to the photo

Jetson J41 pin 8 (TXD) → wire RXD (white wire)
Jetson J41 pin 10 (RXD) → wire TXD (green wire)
Jetson J4 pin 6 (GND) → wire GND (black wire)

With this connection method, the garbled codes will be aggravated, and if the GND is not connected, the garbled codes will also be intensified. How to deal with it?

There are some issues with some of the serial, but to start with:

  • What speed are you using?
  • How long are your cables?
  • Is the TX/RX shielded?
  • Consider a test send file which is entirely NULL bytes, or entirely 0xFF, or an infinite sequence of “0xAA55” (which is a nice bit pattern). Something big enough to demo, but not so big it can’t be posted. Then copy the results to the forum as a file, not as a screenshot (most serial console programs can log a session; screenshots can’t be searched).
  • What is the ownership of the particular device special file on the Jetson? For example, is it “/dev/ttyTHS1” you are looking at? If so, then what do you see from:
    ls -l /dev/ttyTHS1

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