Jetson OpenCV Tutorials - Episode 0 error

The tutorial Jetson OpenCV Tutorials - Episode 0 ( ) has an error. The program hello.cpp should include the line
#include <opencv2/imgprog.hpp>
because ‘putText’ not a member of cv. It is now in imgproc.hpp

The tutorial mentioned above should be redone. This is because (1) the person doing the tutorial clicks on too quickly,so we cant see what was typed, and (2) the size of the characters on the screen are too small to read easily. Also, (3) the person giving the tutorial has a very strong accent. It is hard to follow.

Hi nestors8e7s,

Thanks for raising this issue, we’re discussing internally if could either re-record or update in doc as reference. In the meantime, there are many OpenCV tutorials which can be found on internet, you could find the suitable one to learn how to program it.