Jetson orgin nano cam0 port csi0

Hello, we are using Jetson Origin Nano and have made our own carrier board, but our Cam0 port uses this link

How do I need to modify software to match hardware modifications? To receive 2lane data normally?

Add the lane_polarity=6 in device tree. You can search the “lane_polarity” in this forum to get more information.


sorry,you may not understand what I mean.

It’s not a polarity issue

it’s about the solution to this problem
I now need to use this CSI0 clock and receive the data from CSI0 on our own development board
But no, I don’t know what software content I should modify
Can you tell me what modifications need to be made?

Please check the programing guide and reference to the imx477/imx219 for the device tree configure.

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