Jetson Orin 200T module’s minimum operating temperature is only -20℃

我們之後會提供一個overlay. 這部份是mb1的問題所以沒有source code/patch.


请问有更新吗?我们测试 ORIN NX 也有这个现象。

[0000.673] I> Task: Thermal check (0x50021d55)
[0000.677] I> max_chip_limit = 105
[0000.680] I> min_chip_limit = -28
[0000.684] I> max temp read = -16
[0000.687] I> min temp read = -31
[0000.690] E> SOC_THERM: Failed to verify temp range.
[0000.695] C> Task 0x0 failed (err: 0x5f5f030b)
[0000.699] E> Top caller module: SOC_THERM, error module: SOC_THERM, reason: 0x0b, aux_info: 0x03
[0000.708] C> Boot Info Table status dump :
[0000.712] I> Busy Spin


We have a overlay patch on rel-35.3.1 for this temperature issue.

Please apply. Thanks.
There is no overlay for previous version.

We also experience this issue with our custom AGX Orin carrier board.
It seems to be solved after updating the patch, thank you.

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Hello, may I ask how to modify the 《min chip limit》

What do you want to ask? Why do you want to modify this?

請問你想詢問什麼? 為什麼要改這個?

hello I want to try starting the module at -34 degrees because there is a refrigeration device next to me. Can you try modifying the file ‘min chip limit’ to start it.


We don’t support for this. -34 would break the module too. Please check the spec of the module data sheet.

Don’t worry, it’s our responsibility if it breaks. Just tell me which file to modify, thank you

thank you

We don’t support this. Please follow the hardware spec. -34 degrees may break the module.

thank you
I modified the low temperature limit value, but it was useless. I found that it will still be covered with -28 ℃. Is there any other way to change it? I mainly want to run the board at -34 degrees.

The module damage is my loss, please don’t worry, I can make the necessary modifications

We are not able to support booting at -34 degree since it does not fit hardware spec. Please kindly realize this.

This probably isn’t much help, but it isn’t unusual in harsh low temperature conditions that a resistor is placed at strategic points, and current passed through to warm up those points before starting. You would then put the temperature limits back to the stock values since actual temperature would be warmer than ambient. Sorry, I know that isn’t very useful, but it is a cheap method around the issue (be sure to measure temperature before starting boot, or else simply run the warming long enough that there is no need to measure).

Thank you for your reply. I found that ORIN only restarted twice when it was below -28 degrees Celsius. Do I have a way to have it restart multiple times

thank you

If it is out of range, then probably not. About all you can do is keep it within a tolerable temperature range. Resisters pulling a current are basically inexpensive heater elements.

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