Jetson Orin AGX Recovery partition not recovering [36.3]


Im using an agx orin devkit to test secureboot, everything is working fine, but now Im gonna try to mess up both the image on the rootfs and the image on the kernel partition but before I do that I wanted to see if the recovery partition is working, so in the bios I put the default boot from it,

however when I boot I get this:

Is this normal? cause I was waiting for an os to start like the other images, I won’t mess up both images untill I find out how to get this to work so atleast I get a way to recover the system after I change the images (on the rootfs and the kernel parititon).

Thank you,

You should be able to do some basic operation via the serial console wit Recovery Partition.

I’m not sure what do you refer to with an os to start, but if you are expecting a GUI to come up, there is no such thing.

So the recovery partition has nothing to do with the force recovery mode?

Can I have access to the filesystem and change partitions via the serial console?

Force recovery mode and recovery boot/partition are two completely different things.

You should be.

Alright ty I’ll give a try this week and return after if there is a problem.

Hello again,

Indeed the parition is working when used in the serial console, so I have two questions:

First is what exactly happens on the jetson when we are in force recovery mode is there a mini os that runs when we want to flash or something?

And secondly the recovery parittion seems to be missing alot of stuff from the rootfs is it meant to be like this or there is an issue with my recovery parition:

Force recovery mode is just a hardware behavior.
It lets your device get data through the flashing cable instead of booting normally.

YES, it’s meant to be like this.
That’s why it’s called recovery. You don’t use the recovery partition for daily work.
It’s just for emergency purpose, like when your rootfs is broken and you need to copy some files back into it.