Jetson Orin Boot Process hangs for 180 seconds

termCapture.txt (66.0 KB)
Attached is the boot log. Every time it gets hung up for 180 seconds before the Ethernet address gets set. Why does this happen and how do I get it to stop?

Not sure, but:

[   13.303168] OF: graph: no port node found in /i2c@c240000/ucsi_ccg@8/connector@0
[   13.311592] gpio gpiochip0: (tegra234-gpio): gpiochip_lock_as_irq: tried to flag a GPIO set as output for IRQ
[   13.322031] gpio gpiochip0: (tegra234-gpio): unable to lock HW IRQ 126 for IRQ
[   13.329750] genirq: Failed to request resources for 1-0008 (irq 328) on irqchip gpio
[   13.337826] ucsi_ccg 1-0008: request_threaded_irq failed - -5
[   13.357469] ucsi_ccg: probe of 1-0008 failed with error -5

in my case just after that I get USB devices detected. You may try removing USB devices and see if it improves.

No luck, it still gets stuck regardless of if there is anything connected via USB or not

Is it a custom kernel and/or custom device tree ?
What is your JetPack version ?
What is your HW (standard AGX Orin devkit, or else) ?
Any special hardware connected ?

I may not be able to help further, but these may help skilled people to provide better advice.

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