Jetson orin development kit FLASH problem

I have a major problem when reflashing with my new (<6 months) jetson orin development kit, and the technical support isn’t very helpful although I have a guaranty.

After a succesful lreflash with 5.02 rev 2 on eMMC. I waited one day and found again the jetson on rolling wheel photo :

I initiated again recovery and flashing with 5.02 rev 2 on the eMMC device. Please sea the photo at
where you will see that FLASHING ended SUCCESFULLY.

Afterwards, I connect jetson on monitor with keyboard and mouse and did a clean reboot
The sequence is the depicted here

You may noticed that the system DID NOT asked me about the details of system name and user name and went back into a rolling wheel indefinitely.

Afterwards I tried again to reboot the system . This time the system asked me about the initialization details but again it went into a rolling wheel.

What do you suggest ?

Please delete the BSP downloaded by the sdkmanager. Let it download again and flash again.

Or just upgrade to jp5.1.

Hi ,

When you say " Please delete the BSP downloaded by the sdkmanager", are you referring to the host or to the jetson ? If you are referring to the jetson, "How Can I delete the BSP which is already downloaded ?

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On the host. The sdkamanger has the button to delete the existing BSP on your host.

I am installing 5.1 and each time I reboot the system keeps entering in the initial config although I successfully complete the initialization phase. Systemctl status reports starting.

What is the initialization script in the first reboot

In general the initialization script and guide are not complete . Even if I choose pre-oem config… it asked me the initial user name etc

Hi @dkalo

There is a script in your host side BSP folder. Default path is ~/nvidia. Run that script and reflash the device manually again.

This will bypass the initialization.

If the device still gets stuck, follow the method here to use the micro usb port on your devkit to dump serial console log.

Ok , BUT the document approach/script whatever nvidia likes to call it, IS NOT A FACTORY RESET, is an approach towards clean slate


There is no factory reset on jetson. The factory also flashed similar software as what sdkmanager is doing.

Incidentally, a Jetson does not have a BIOS. All of that content is performed in software, and sdkmanager puts the factory version in place. This is not customized. Only the rootfs can be customized, and if you perform a full flash, but don’t install optional content (such as CUDA), then this is in fact a factory reset. No alternate “fallback” memory is available for recovery since it has no BIOS.

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