Jetson ORIN DevKit Boot Warning Message

Dear Jetson Support,
I have upgraded my Orin DevKit with Jetpack 5.02 and started to get this warning in the boot processes, obviously it takes time to boot while going thru this.
** WARNING: Test Key Used. **
L4TLauncher: Attempting GRUB Boot
L4TLauncher: Attempting Direct Boot.

How do I get rid of this issue so it boots quicker.

Thanks for help.
Jetson Orin Message

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Please check the UEFI section at L4T doc: Jetson AGX Orin Boot Flow — Jetson Linux
Developer Guide 34.1 documentation (

I get same screen xavier NX Why.

No idea why and how to get rid of it?

Same Problem. Could some let me know how it can be solved.

Same here

I also noticed if you have an ethernet cable plugged in network etc it says something about booting over http

I have the same issue.

My Jetson NX with NVMe SSD was talking up to 5 minutes to boot due to the SSD being last in the boot order!

To change the boot order…

When the system is starting press the “ESC” key
Select “Boot Maintenance Manager”
Select “Boot Options”
Select “Change Boot Order”

Move your SSD to the top of the list and then save the changes and exit when you get back to the main menu select continue.

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